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This is not an official submission. This tool only allows you to check your results and prepare the submission through the spreadsheet available on the official CQ Magazine DX Marathon website.

Please note that this application use Country-File informations from AD1C. They may not be accurate for very specific callsigns, particulary for zone 2 and some USA stations. Please check official recommandations from the DX Marathon organizers.

If you want to withdraw a QSO from your log, you can delete it from your ADIF file or just add the ! sign before the callsign in the <CALL> field. This QSO will be then ignored.

Any new submission for the same callsign and year will erase the preceding one.

Please zip files if they are over 10MB in size. Limit for upload is 20MB.
General informations about your submission
 The callsign of the station participating to DX Marathon contest.
 The E-Mail address for communication with the DX marathon organizer and where you want to receive this report.
 The Name (Family name and first name) of the entrant.
 Your street information.
 Your city information.
 Your state/province information.
 Your country information.
 Your postal code / ZIP code information.
 If you want to participate to the club contest, your club name.
 The CQ zone of your station location.
 This information is not used for the submission, but only for filtering. A log with only one mode or one band will be treated as single-mode or single-band automatically by the contest organizers.
ADIF log upload (ZIP/GZip files accepted)
 This file must be in ADIF v3 format (ADI or ADX). It can be zipped or gzipped.
 Do not delete the QSOs and the report after generating it
 Set DXCC, CQ zone, ITU Zone and Continent fields with information from the latest Country-Files (cty.dat). Otherwise, this information will be taken from your ADIF file and they might be not up to date.
 QSOs with stations known as pirates or busted calls will be deleted from the log. This list contains only callsigns known as invalid
 QSOs with stations known as bad spots calls will be deleted from the log. This list might contain valid callsigns.
Output format selection
Export the result with output as:  CSV only output the raw datas, but Excel and OpenOffice are ready to send Scoresheets files
 Only display the entities or zones that you have worked
Ignoring dates before
  • First Date:
 Check this option if you want to import QSOs only after a said date
Ignoring dates after
  • Last Date:
 Check this option if you want to import QSOs only before a said date